Redonda Beach

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This article is about the beach in Portugal. For American places of a similar name, see Redondo Beach (disambiguation).
Redonda Beach (Leixão zone)
Redonda Beach area of Banhos Avenue

Redonda Beach (Praia Redonda in Portuguese, lit. "Round Beach") is an extensive maritime beach of Póvoa de Varzim in Portugal and the city's most southeasterly beach. The former Póvoa Bay was transformed into the city's seaport.

The beach has white sand with few rocks, and is divided into three areas: Leixão, Lolé and Redonda proper. There are several bars nearby. A nightclub, Diana Bar (beach library) and Café Guarda-Sol are located on the beach.

Coordinates: 41°22′45.6″N 8°46′8.9″W / 41.379333°N 8.769139°W / 41.379333; -8.769139