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Map of Redwood Mountain Grove in relation to nearby groves of Sequoia.

Redwood Mountain Grove is the largest grove of giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) on earth.[1] It is located in Kings Canyon National Park and Giant Sequoia National Monument on the western slope of California's Sierra Nevada. The grove contains the world's tallest giant sequoia (95 metres (312 ft)).[2] The Hart Tree and Roosevelt Tree, two of the 25 largest trees by volume in the world, grow here. The largest tree is the General Sherman Tree in the Giant Forest grove to the southeast.

Noteworthy trees[edit]

The worlds largest giant sequoia grove

Some of the trees found in the grove that are worthy of special note are:

  • Roosevelt: the largest tree in the grove with a volume of over 1,000 cubic metres (35,000 cu ft).
  • Hart: near the Roosevelt stands a very tall tree with a huge basal burn, this tree has a volume of around 980 cubic metres (35,000 cu ft).
  • Unnamed Tree: Tallest giant sequoia at 95 metres (312 ft).

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