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Reebok Classics trainer

Classics are a brand of training shoe made by Reebok.

First released in 1987[1]as Reebok’s solution to one of the first casual running shoes, The Classic utilised soft garment leather and nylon construction to become one of the most popular running shoes of the time. These examples have been given Reebok’s vintage treatment and come in a white leather upper and feature a layered midsole for increased cushioning, restored Reebok branding window on the side panel and the original towelled lining. Other elements include a vintage foam tongue, perforated toe box and a Union Flag box. Popular colourways include the pictured white leather upper with black stripe and the "all-over black version" (black leather uppers with black stripes).

Reebok Classics popularity[edit]

The Reebok Classic is an extremely popular brand-name shoe, especially in the UK with young people.

The Fly humorously states on his blog:

"Reebok Classics - You cannot claim any Geezer status without these, must be gleaming white, gold stripes are best down to yellow or orange which are considered a bit pikey by the Geezer hierarchy"

British rapper Mike Skinner aka The Streets is a spokesperson for the Classics line, as he favours white Reebok Workout Plus trainers. [1] On his song "Let's Push Things Forward" one of his lyrics refers to the shoes:

"Let's put on our Classics and have a little dance, shall we?"

Arctic Monkeys also highlight the popularity of Reebok Classics amongst the common British 'chav' in the opening line to their song, "A Certain Romance":

"Well oh they might wear classic Reeboks, or knackered Converse, or trackie-bottoms tucked in socks."

Pete Doherty refers to Reebok Classics in the Babyshambles song, "Albion".

UK rappers The Mitchell Bros. argued that while Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Force 1s dominate the American hip-hop scene, Reebok Classic is the preferred brand of Brit-Hoppers for its "Britishness." Also in their video SoleMate they are driving around London in pimped out Reebok Classic-Mobiles.

The shoes are also quite popular in the USA, especially in hip hop circles, preferably the white-coloured versions. They were popularized by the rapper Soulja Slim. According to Hip-Hop Weekly: "Soulja's, as they were called, would become the most popular selling sneaker in New Orleans, and though he never had an endorsement deal with the company, he definitely contributed to an increase in their sales revenue, as virtually every youth in the city had a pair." The rapper Juvenile continues the tradition, referring to the shoes colloquially as "Soljas" or "icy whites".

Lil Wyte sings about Reebok Classics in his song Icy White Soljas from Phinnally Phamous.


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