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Reedham (Surrey) National Rail
Reedham Station, Old Lodge Lane, Purley CR8 - - 49428.jpg
Reedham (Surrey) is located in Greater London
Reedham (Surrey)
Reedham (Surrey)
Location of Reedham (Surrey) in Greater London
Location Purley
Local authority London Borough of Croydon
Grid reference TQ309606
Managed by Southern
Station code RHM
Number of platforms 2
Fare zone 6
National Rail annual entry and exit
2004–05 0.181 million[1]
2005–06 Increase 0.184 million[1]
2006–07 Increase 0.284 million[1]
2007–08 Decrease 0.282 million[1]
2008–09 Decrease 0.275 million[1]
2009–10 Decrease 0.257 million[1]
2010–11 Increase 0.262 million[1]
2011–12 Increase 0.267 million[1]
2012–13 Decrease 0.265 million[1]
Key dates
1 March 1911 Opened (Reedham Halt)
5 July 1936 Renamed (Reedham)
12 May 1980 Renamed (Reedham (Surrey))
1982 Platforms lengthened to 8 cars
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Portal icon London Transport portal
Portal icon UK Railways portalCoordinates: 51°19′53″N 0°07′24″W / 51.3313°N 0.1233°W / 51.3313; -0.1233

Reedham (Surrey) railway station is a railway station in the south of Purley in the London Borough of Croydon on the Tattenham Corner Line. The local area is residential and the station is near the A23 Brighton Road. The Brighton main line is adjacent, but is not served by this station.

Although occasionally referred to as Reedham (London),[2] it is more commonly and officially known as Reedham (Surrey)[3] to distinguish it from Reedham railway station in Norfolk.


A 1905 Railway Clearing House map of lines around Reedham railway station.

The station was opened by the South Eastern and Chatham Railway on its branch line to Tattenham Corner as Reedham Halt on 1 March 1911.[4][5][6][7] Situated 49 chains (990 m) from Purley railway station, it was built with 300-foot (91 m) long platforms and adjoined an overbridge crossing Old Lodge Lane in Purley.[8] It took its name from the nearby Reedham Asylum for Fatherless Children,[8][9] founded in Richmond by philanthropist Dr Andrew Reed in 1844.[10] The asylum was renamed Reedham Orphanage in 1904 and Reedham School in 1950.[citation needed] It closed in 1980, but the trust which ran it still occupies the original lodge (gatehouse) of the estate.[10]

After a period of temporary wartime closure between 1917 and 1919,[5][6][11][7] the halt became a station on 5 July 1936.[5][6][11][12] On 12 May 1980, the suffix "Surrey" was added to the station's name to distinguish it from Reedham (Norfolk).[6] Some timetables used to refer to the station as "Reedham (GLC)".[12] Having first been lengthened in advance of electrification of the line in 1928,[13] the platforms were again extended in 1982 to take eight-car trains[12] in the days when a train had both a driver and a guard.[citation needed] However nowadays, due to lack of station CCTV to assist the driver to close the doors safely, trains without train-mounted external cameras are only permitted to open the doors on the first four carriages.[citation needed]

A new passenger footbridge was installed in late 2013, removing the existing disabled access;[14] the platforms were also resurfaced.[15]


Preceding station National Rail National Rail Following station
Purley   Southern
Tattenham Corner Line
  Coulsdon Town


London Buses route 455 serve the station.



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