Reform and Development Misruna Party

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Reform and Development Misruna Party
حزب الأصلاح و التنمية
Chairman Anwar Essmat Sadat
Founder Raymond Lakah
Founded 2009
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
National affiliation National Salvation Front[1]
Egyptian Wafd Alliance[2]
Colors Gold
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Reform and Development Misruna Party (Arabic: حزب الأصلاح و التنميةHizb Al-Islah wa Al-Tanmiyah) is a liberal political party in Egypt, founded by Anwar Essmat Sadat the ex-president Anwar Sadat's nephew and the Egyptian billionaire Raymond Lakah.[3] The party merged with the Misruna party in June of 2011; the party name has changed slightly.[3]

The party participated in the Egyptian parliamentary election, 2011–2012 and won 9 seats in the lower house.[4]


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