Reformed Church in Africa (South Africa)

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The Reformed Church in Africa, South Africa works primarily among the Indian community in South Africa, these number around 800,000, but it's open to all people, most members are converts from Hinduism and Muslims. It was founded in 1968 in Pietermaritzburg as the Indian Reformed Church. The name of the denomination subsequently changed to the Reformed Church in Africa(RCA). In 2004 has 2,000 members in 12 congregations and 14 house fellowships. The Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort.[1][2] On Sunday 28 October 2012, the RCA congregation gave thanks to God and celebrated its 40th Anniversary of being established as the Reformed Church in Africa.[3]

Member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[4]

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