Reformed Evangelical Church of Myanmar

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Reformed Evangelical Church of Myanmar
Classification Protestant
Theology confessional Reformed
Governance Presbyterian
Associations World Reformed Fellowship
Region Myanmar
Founder Rev. Thang Bwee [1]
Chiba State, Myanmar
Branched from Presbyterian Church of Australia[2]
Congregations 40[3]
Members 7,000[4]
Ministers 36

The Reformed Evangelical Church of Myanmar is a Reformed, Christian Church in the country of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith[5]


The church was formally organised in 1998. It was established by Rev. Thang Bwee. Main activities and church planting is located in the South Chin state. For many years the church struggled without help. In the early 2000s, the denomination suffered a split because some pastors questioned the Reformed doctrine of church government, preferring one-man leadership over their churches. About one-third of the congregations withdrew, mostly to Pentecostal Churches. In 2003, a mission partnership was made with the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and shortly after organisation, the denomination grew to 1,800 members; by 2000 the church grew to 2,500 followers; and by 2008, the denomination had about 7,000 members and 40 churches.[6] As of 2013, there are 36 ministers working both in Chin State and in Yangon Division, with Presbyterian church government.[7] The church celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 22, 2012.




Relationship with other churches[edit]

The denomination is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship.[9] Partner church relationship with the Presbyterian Church in Australia was established in 2008.[10] The Australian Presbyterian Church is involved in church planting; they have planted 3 congregations around Yangon.[11][12] It has a relationship with the Reformed Church in America.[13]

The Reformed Evangelical Church in Myanmar was founded along with 10 denominations of the Reformed and Presbyterian Fellowship in Myanmar in 2005.[14]

In Korea, the Samyang Presbyterian Church supported the Evangelical Reformed Church in Myanmar.[15]

Education and Seminary[edit]

The Reformed Bible Institute was formed in June 2000 and offered the degree of Bachelor of Theology. There were 4 students and 5 lecturers. The Institute was officially supported by the Samyang Presbyterian Church in South Korea and Rev. Chang Won Shu.[16]

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