Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

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Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Kái-kek-chong Tiúⁿ-ló Kàu-hōe tī Tâi-oân
Classification Protestant
Orientation Reformed, Calvinist
Polity Presbyterian
Region Taiwan
Origin 1950s
Separated from Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Congregations 27
Members 900[1]
Tertiary institutions 1
Official website [1]

The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (RPCT; Chinese: 改革宗長老教會在臺灣; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kái-kek-chong Tiúⁿ-ló Kàu-hōe tī Tâi-oân) was founded in the 1950s as a result of the union of various conservative Presbyterian and Continental Reformed congregations.[2]


The Christian Reformed Church in North America first began missions in Taiwan in 1950. Lillian Bode led this effort, and the missionaries founded 4 congregations with 290 members.[3]

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church started mission in Taiwan in 1950 led by Rev. Egbert Andrew and Rev. Richard Gaffin. They founded 5 congregations.[4]

The Presbyterian Church in Korea (Koshin) from South Korea missionaries like Rev. Kim Yong-Jin and Yoo Whan Yon planted 11 congregations with 500 members.[5][6]

Meanwhile the native Presbyterian Church in Taiwan was becoming increasingly liberal. Led by missionaries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in Korea (Koshin), some churches split from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. These groups, the two Presbyterian and the Reformed congregations, united to form the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.[7]


The church has 27 congregations, 900 members, and 2 presbyteries. Two of the congregations are missions. And the church's few congregations are strong and healthy. The largest church membership is less than 100 people. The majority of its members speak Mandarin, but Taiwanese, Hakka, and Austronesian are also used in worships. These churches are concentrated in the northern part of Taiwan around the cities of Hsinchu, Taipei, Keelung and Xizhi.[8][9][10] The denomination runs the Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei.


The Reformed Presbyterian Church adheres to the Apostles Creed, Three Forms of Unity, and the Westminster Confession.[11]

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