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Studio album by Rabbit Junk
Released 2006
Genre Digital hardcore, industrial metal, punk rock
Producer JP Anderson
Rabbit Junk chronology
Rabbit Junk
This Life Is Where You Get Fucked
Original cover
Remastered Artwork for REframe.
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 8.5/10 stars [1]

REframe is the second album from the Seattle-based "hardclash" band, Rabbit Junk. The sound on this album has matured from their first album, Rabbit Junk, and features Anderson taking the band into a new variety of styles such as black metal, speed metal and breakbeat.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Demons
  2. "In Your Head No One Can Hear You Scream"
  3. "Beating Track"
  4. "The Big Push"
  5. "To All Good Night"
  6. "Crutch"
  7. "Civilized"
  8. "Old Heroes Young Villains"
  9. "February War"
  10. "Slater"
  11. "The Best Revenge"
  12. "Millennial Pox"
  13. "In the Service of the Enemy"


  • In the original CD pressing, the song "The Best Revenge" was left off the track listing on the back cover, making it appear as if there were only 12 songs on the album.
  • Including this, JP Anderson himself counted 31 typos and misprints in the cover, liner notes and back cover.
  • "Demons" features the D-Trash label owner and fellow digital hardcore musician Schizoid on backing vocals, the song also contains a sample from the song "Duel of the Fates" from the Star Wars movies, composed by John Williams.