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Rega Basin
Origin near Imienko
Mouth Baltic Sea
Progression West then North
Basin countries Poland
Length 172 km (107 mi)
Source elevation 177.5 m (582 ft)
Avg. discharge 21.80 m3/s (770 cu ft/s)
Basin area 2,724.9 km2 (1,052.1 sq mi)
Left tributaries Ukleja, Stara Rega (river), Reska Węgorza
Right tributaries Mołstowa, Rekowa

The Rega is a river in north-western Poland, flowing into the Baltic Sea. It is the country's 24th longest river, with a total length of 168 km and a catchment area of 2,725 km².[1]

Towns on the Rega:



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Coordinates: 54°08′46″N 15°17′07″E / 54.1462°N 15.2854°E / 54.1462; 15.2854