Region I of hippocampus proper

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Brain: Region I of hippocampus proper
Diagram of hippocampal regions in a rat brain.
CajalHippocampus (modified).png
Basic circuit of the hippocampus, shown using a modified drawing by Ramon y Cajal. DG: dentate gyrus. Sub: subiculum. EC: entorhinal cortex
Latin regio hippocampi proprii I; regio I cornus ammonis; CA1
Gray's p.832
NeuroNames hier-165

Region I of hippocampus proper is a portion of the hippocampal formation.

Region CA1, or Area CA1 is the first region in the hippocampal circuit that yields a significant output pathway, which goes to entorhinal cortex layer V. It also sends significant output forward to the subiculum. Like CA3, it receives input from superficial entorhinal cortex along the perforant pathway (note that some authors only consider the input to DG and CA3 to be the perforant pathway, referring to the input to CA1 as the temporoammonic pathway). Unlike CA3, however, it contains very few recurrent connections. In the rat, CA1 contains approximately 250,000 pyramidal cells.[citation needed]

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