Regions of Somaliland

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Regions of Somaliland
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The following is a list of regions of Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia. Control of the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions is disputed with the neighboring Puntland autonomous region.[1]

Sequence Region States Capitals Area
density (km2)
Regional flag
1 Salal Zeila n/a n/a Somaliland
2 Awdal Borama n/a n/a Somaliland
3 Gabiley Gabiley n/a n/a Somaliland
4 Maroodi Jeex Hargeisa n/a n/a Somaliland
5 Sahil Berbera n/a n/a Somaliland
6 Daadmadheedh Oodweyne n/a n/a Somaliland
7 Togdheer Burao n/a n/a Somaliland
8 Cayn Buuhoodle n/a n/a Somaliland
9 Sarar Caynaba n/a n/a Somaliland
10 Sool Las Anod n/a n/a Somaliland
11 Sanaag Erigavo n/a n/a Somaliland
12 Maakhir Badhan n/a n/a Somaliland
13 Hawd Baligubadle n/a n/a Somaliland

Between March 22 and May 15, 2008, then President of Somaliland Dahir Riyale Kahin issued a press statement announcing the creation of six new regions and 16 new districts,[2] in addition to the corresponding administrative divisions already existing as created by Somalia. On May 15, 2008, Kahin released a second statement declaring the Hawd the thirteenth state of Somaliland.[3]

New State Capital Created from the existing district of
Gabiley Gabiley Maroodi Jeex
Maakhir Badhan Sanaag
Cayn Buhoodle Togdheer
Salal Zeila Awdal
Sarar Caynaba Sool
Daadmadheedh Odweyne Togdheer
Hawd Baligubadle Maroodi Jeex