Regions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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NRC regions and locations of nuclear reactors, 2008
Map of the NRC Regions

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has divided the US territory into four regions:[1]

Region HQ location reactor NPP sites
Region I[2] King of Prussia, Pennsylvania north-east 26 17
Region II[3] Atlanta, Georgia south-east 33 18
Region III[4] Lisle, Illinois northern mid-west 24 16
Region IV[5] Arlington, Texas southern midwest and west 21 14
Total 104 65


These four regions oversee the operation of 104 power-producing reactors, and 36 non-power-producing reactors. This oversight is done on several levels, for example:

  • Each power-producing reactor site has Resident Inspectors, who monitor day to day operations
  • Numerous special inspection teams, with many different specialties, routinely conduct inspections at each site
  • Whistleblower reports are investigated by the Office of Enforcement, specifically the Allegations branch [6]

Former regions[edit]

The NRC previously had five regions. In the late 1990s, the Region V office in Walnut Creek, California was absorbed into Region IV and Region V was dissolved.