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Royal Warrant creating a Regius Chair in Mathematics at the University of Warwick

The Regius Professorship of Mathematics is the name given to two chairs in mathematics at British universities, one at the University of St Andrews, founded by Charles II in 1668,[1] the other at the University of Warwick, founded in 2013 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.[2][3]

University of St Andrews (1668)[edit]

There is currently no Regius Professor of Mathematics, though the post was advertised in April 2013.[4] In 2004 Alan Hood stated "tactically it was best not to appoint a new Regius Professor at this time but would consider making an appointment in the future."[5]

List of Regius Professors of Mathematics[edit]

The following list is incomplete.

University of Warwick (2013)[edit]

The creation of the post of Regius Professor of Mathematics was announced in January 2013,[2][3] in March 2014 Martin Hairer was appointed to the position.


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