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The Regius Chair of Medicine and Therapeutics is considered the oldest Chair at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1989 from the merge of the Regius Chairs of the Practice of Medicine (founded in 1637) and of Materia Medica (founded in 1831). The Chair has so far had two occupants, Professor John Reid, who was previously Regius Professor of Materia Medica and - since 2010 - Professor Anna Felicja Dominiczak, the first woman to have ever held the post.

Regius Professor of the Practice of Medicine[edit]

The Chair of the Practice of Medicine was founded in 1637 and, after a lapse, revived in 1712. It was endowed by Queen Anne in 1713, becoming the Regius Chair.

Practice of Medicine Professors[edit]

  • Robert Mayne MA (1637–1646)

Practice of Medicine Regius Professors[edit]

Regius Professor of Materia Medica[edit]

The Regius Chair of Materia Medica was founded in 1831 by King William IV from the lectureship in Materia Medica, instituted in 1766.

Materia Medica Reguis Professors[edit]

  • Richard Millar (1831)
  • John Couper (1833)
  • John Black Cowan (1865)
  • Matthew Charteris (1880)
  • Ralph Stockman (1897)
  • Noah Morris (1937
  • Stanley Alstead (1948)
  • Professor Sir Abraham Goldberg (1970)
  • John Low Reid (1978)

Medicine and Therapeutics Regius Professors[edit]

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