Reichsgau Kärnten

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Reichsgau Kärnten
Reichsgau of Nazi Germany





Flag Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Reichsgau Kärnten
Map of Nazi Germany showing its administrative
subdivisions (Gaue and Reichsgaue).
Capital Klagenfurt
 -  1938–1939 Hubert Klausner
 -  1940–1941 Franz Kutschera
 -  1941–1945 Friedrich Rainer
 -  Anschluss 12 March 1938
 -  German surrender 8 May 1945
 -  1939 451,028 
Today part of  Austria

The Reichsgau Kärnten (English: Gau Carinthia) was an administrative division of Nazi Germany in Carinthia and East Tyrol (both in Austria) and Upper Carniola in Slovenia. It existed from 1938 to 1945.

It was responsible for the administration of the de facto annexed Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral (Operationszone Adriatisches Küstenland, OZAK).[1]

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