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Reinier Boitet (c. 1680 – c.1750), was a Delft publisher and writer who updated Dirk van Bleiswijk's History of Delft in 1729.


According to the RKD he collaborated with Gerard onder de Linden on several prints.[1]

He was a bookseller in Delft who also made poems, but his greatest work was his update to Bleiswijk's "Description of the city of Delft" (Dutch: Beschryvinge der stad Delft), originally published in 1667.[2] His assistants were H. Heussen and H. van Rijn, possibly also the poet Hubert Kornelisz Poot and R. Ouwens.[2]


  • 1724 Poems by Joachim Oudaan, published by Joachim Fransz Oudaan, Hubert Korneliszoon Poot, Reinier Boitet
  • 1729 History of Delft


Reinier Boitet merged Bleiswijk's biographical information with Karel van Mander and Arnold Houbraken's commentary on Delft painters.[3] The biographies he included were:


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