Rejang language (Sumatra)

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For the unrelated "Rejang" language spoken by the Kayan people living along the Rajang River in Borneo, see Kayan language (Borneo).
Native to Indonesia
Region Southwestern Sumatra
Native speakers
350,000  (2000 census)[1]
Rejang script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rej

Rejangese is spoken by the Rejangese people in Bengkulu, Indonesia. There are five major dialects.


Rejangese is not obviously close to other Malayo-Polynesian languages. McGinn (2009) classified it among the Bidayuh languages of Borneo, closest to Bukar Sadong.[2] It may be that it is related to the newly described language Nasal, but that is speculative at this point.[3]


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