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A Relay attack is a type of hacking technique related to man-in-the-middle and replay attacks, in which an attacker relays verbatim a message from the sender to a valid receiver of the message. The sender may or may not be aware of even sending the message to the attacker; if the sender is aware, it is likely under the impression that the attacker is the intended receiver of the message.

Relay attacks are forecast to get more and more common with the increasing number of contactless (RLC and Radio frequency) devices.[citation needed]

Example attack[edit]

A typical relay attack is when a hacker follows a car owner with a relay that forwards the frequency of the alarm's remote control to the car, waiting for the car owner to accidentally press the open button during his jogging, if pressing a button is necessary (for security reasons, it should be necessary, but for convenience of the owner and the hacker, it is often not necessary).

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