Released (Patti LaBelle album)

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Studio album by Patti LaBelle
Released March 14, 1980 [1]
Recorded 1980
Genre Pop, disco, R&B
Label Epic
Producer Allen Toussaint
Patti LaBelle chronology
It's Alright with Me
The Spirit's in It
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]
Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews 2.5/5 stars[3]

Released[4] is the fourth studio solo album released by singer Patti LaBelle. It would turn out to be the final release from LaBelle by Epic Records, who then reassigned her to Philadelphia International the next year. While the disco song, "Release (The Tension)", found modest international success, and its pop ballad, "I Don't Go Shopping", written by famed songwriter Peter Allen, much like the singer's previous albums, the album failed to become a success. LaBelle co-wrote five of the songs with collaborator James Ellison.


All songs written by Allen Toussaint unless otherwise noted

  1. "Give It Up (The Dawning of Rejection)" (5:40)
  2. "Don't Make Your Angel Cry" (3:20)
  3. "Release" (3:01)
  4. "I Don't Go Shopping" (Peter Allen, David Lasley) (3:54)
  5. "Ain't That Enough" (Patti LaBelle, James Ellison, Victor Orsborn) (3:45)
  6. "Love Has Finally Come" (Patti LaBelle, James Ellison, Victor Orsborn) (5:36)
  7. "Come and Dance With Me" (Patti LaBelle, James Ellison, Edward Batts) (4:28)
  8. "Get Ready (Lookin' for Loving)" (Patti LaBelle, James Ellison, Edward Batts) (4:54)
  9. "Find the Love" (Patti LaBelle, James Ellison, Theodore McClean) (5:42)
2014 remaster[5]
10. Release (The Tension) [12" Disco Remix]