Reliant Rialto

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Reliant Rialto
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Reliant Rialto Estate
Manufacturer Reliant
Production 1981—1998
Body and chassis
Class Three-wheeled car
Body style 3-door hatchback, 3-door estate
Layout FMR layout, with single front wheel
Engine 0.85 L OHV I4
Predecessor Reliant Robin

The Reliant Rialto is a three-wheeled, subcompact car that was manufactured by Reliant Motor Company, replacing the original Reliant Robin in 1981. The Rialto was discontinued in 1998 while production of a new Robin model, introduced in 1989, continued. The Rialto was made in three different body types: saloon, estate and panel van.[citation needed] With a galvanised chassis and a fibreglass body, the Rialto was very resistant to corrosion.[1] It was powered by Reliant's 850 cc aluminium water-cooled engine[1] and, with the improved aerodynamics of the new body style, was a much more stable vehicle at speed. New to the Rialto was the single windscreen wiper, centrally located to clear the whole screen.[citation needed]In order to comply with type approval, there were many carry over components from the original Robin, including windscreen glass, complete door assemblies, bonnet and details. The Rialto is what is termed in industry terms as a 'Heavy Facelift' of the original Robin. Notably, due to type approval laws, all subsequent Robins were also light or heavy facelifts of the preceding model, with a direct lineage traceable to the first Robin.

Reliant Rialto
Reliant Rialto Saloon 
Reliant Rialto Estate 


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