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Relief, formerly known as Panorama, is a public affairs newsmagazine series in Canada, airing nightly in Ontario on TFO, the Franco-Ontarian public television network.

The series is hosted by Gisèle Quenneville. Reporters associated with the series include Melanie Routhier-Boudreau, Isabelle Brunet, Marie Duchesneau, Luce Gauthier, Frédéric Projean and Chantal Racine. Longtime host Pierre Granger retired from the series in 2009.[1] The series was renamed RelieF in fall 2010.

The show airs seven nights a week at 7 p.m. From Monday to Thursday, it airs news and public affairs. On Fridays, the program airs documentary programming. On Saturdays, it airs a "week in review" edition, and on Sundays it airs an arts and culture magazine.


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