Religion in Antarctica

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Antarctica has at least seven buildings used for religious worship services:

The Worldwide Antarctic Program proposes building a Catholic chapel at Mario Zucchelli Station, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica; while the first Catholic chapel (named after Saint Francis of Assisi) was built in 1976 at the Argentine Esperanza Base.[2] The southernmost Christian chapel (in fact, the southernmost place of worship of any religion) lies at the Argentine Belgrano II Base.[3]

Although these are mostly for Christian worship, the Chapel of the Snows has also been used for Buddhist and Bahai ceremonies as well.

Subantarctic Islands[edit]

The Norwegian Lutheran Church at Grytviken, South Georgia.

There are also churches on two of the islands situated South of the Antarctic Convergence and North of 60° S latitude (and thus not part of the Antarctic Treaty System).

Churches North of the Antarctic Convergence but serving Antarctic territories[edit]


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