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Directed by Dino Mustafić
Written by Zlatko Topčić
Starring Ermin Bravo
Aleksandar Seksan
Ermin Sijamija
Release dates
23 January 2003 (Netherlands)
Running time
102 minutes
Country Bosnia-Herzegovina/France/Turkey
Language Bosnian

Remake is a 2003 Bosnian movie that was made in Turkish-French co-production of Bosnian director Dino Mustafić. The film stars Ermin Bravo, Aleksandar Seksan, and Ermin Sijamija, and was written by Zlatko Topčić and inspired by a true story.

Remake follows father Ahmed and son Tarik Karaga during World War II and the Siege of Sarajevo. The film premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam on 23 January 2003, and was released to cinemas throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina on 22 February 2003.

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Remake was quite commercially successful, and in 2003 it was the most-watched motion picture from their home country. On IMDb, it is assessed grade 7.6 / 10, garnering general praise for the film's emotional engagement through some of its shocking and touching scenes. The film has experienced success abroad. It was screened at festivals in the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, France, Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic and in Hungary experienced the TV premiere.

Remake is the first film directed by Dino Mustafić, which sets forward the thesis that history repeats itself, through the movie's many symbols and allegories. Mustafić in an interview said: "We need a cathartic films that talk about our recent past. They are just as important as a testimony to the evil and stupidity of war does not happen again." The film was not only the debut of Dino Mustafić, but for the writer Zlatko Topčić as the lead actors Ermin Bravo, Ermin Sijamija, Mario Drmać and the young Croatian actress Helena Minić. It is essential to the emergence of world-renowned French actors Francois Berleand and Evelyne Bouix.

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