Remembering Never

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Remembering Never
Origin Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Genres Metalcore
Labels Dead Truth Recordings
Ferret Records
One Day Savior Recordings
Members Pete Kowalsky: Vocals
Devin Estep: Guitar
Brian Jenkins: Guitars
Steve Vazquez: Bass
Daniel Burger: Drums
Past members Justin Daily: Vocals
Norman Dave Murray: Guitar
Grease Leonard: Guitar
Josh Gerhardt: Bass
Andres "Dre" Torres: Bass
Wes Keely: Drums
Aldo Rodriguez: Bass
Sam Kooby: Guitar

Remembering Never is an American Metalcore and Hardcore punk band formed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the late '90s.


The band formed in 2000 as We All Fall Down, and released a 2 song demo.

Their music consisted of mainly fast riffs and breakdowns with occasional clean singing (which has become less and less frequent in their two most recent albums), although they are now said to be spearheading the "fifth wave" of ska-punk. Though the band's early recordings focused on more typical subjects such as loss and love, vocalist Pete Kowalsky decided to change the lyrical focus of the band in time for their second full-length, Women and Children Die First.

The band generally will not play songs off of She Looks So Good in Red and it is the only Remembering Never CD that is not for sale at any of their shows. They are now politically focused, touching upon many subjects such as animal rights ("The Grenade In Mouth Tragedy", "Slaughterhouse Blues"), gun control ("From My Cold Dead Hands"), religion ("For the Love of Fiction", "Con Artist", "White Devil") and gay rights ("The Goddamn Busy Signal"). As stated on the band's MySpace page, though the members may be Straight Edge, they are not necessarily a Straight Edge band. Their songs do not revolve around the subject, and in fact, Peter and Aldo have a Straight Edge side-project, xBishopx, with Sam Kooby on guitar.

In January 2009, singer Pete Kowalsky reunited the band with drummer Daniel Burger and enlisting new members Alejandro Leon, Nick Ziros, and Steve Vazquez to the line up, to work on a new record. Slated to be out in November 2013, "This Hell is Home" hopes to bring something new to the table while not straying away from the band's original sound. Tour dates and shows have also been planned for 2013, prior to the release of the new record."we have 8 songs primed and ready, hammering out 4 or 5 more before recordings. song titles? All Praise The Victims In The Middle Passage, Time Eraser, Electreligion, Excuses & Denials, Jesus Envy, The American Dream Is Running Out Of Steam, Monkey Suit and Chasing Ghosts." This Hell Is Home: 1. Sharpening The Sword 2. Monkey Suit 3. Jesus Envy 4. Holiday In Siberia 5. All Praise The Victims Of The Middle Passage 6. Excuses & Denials 7. Shit Slinger 8. (U.S.S.) United Stockholm Syndrome 9. Glass Ceiling Serenade 10. Electroligion 11. Chasing Ghosts 12. Overseer To Officer

"This Hell is Home" was released on November 29, 2013 Through Dead Truth Recordings[1]



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