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Remix stars during their album release , December 2005
Genre Teen Drama
Created by

Rose Audio Visuals

Creative Director = Ritu Bhatia
Written by Barnali Shukla
Bhavna Kapoor
Art n Soul
Suyash Khabya
(Rebelde Way)
Directed by Bhooshan Patel
Iqbaal Rizzvi
Tamara P. Nedungadi
Rohit Malhotra
Starring Priya Wal
Raj Singh Arora
Shweta Gulati
Karan Wahi
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 348 (203 episodes of 1 hour and 145 episodes of 30 minutes)
Producer(s) Shrishti Arya
Goldie Behl
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time approx. 45 minutes in Season 1
approx. 25 minutes in Season 2
Original channel STAR One
Original run 1 November 2004 – 20 July 2006

Remix was an Indian television series produced by Rose Audio Visuals, which used to air on STAR One. It was a hit among teenagers and had reruns on the same channel. The series is a remake of the popular Argentine soap Rebelde Way.[1]


The story is based on the lives of 12th grade students at the set in an elite school called "Maurya High" that is an institution for the kids of the rich and the famous. The school also entertains scholarship students, who come from poorer families. The story revolves around the students, their lives, insecurities, friendships, rivalries, and ambitions.

The four main characters — Tia Ahuja (a fashion entrepreneur's only daughter: Sumit Ahuja), Anvesha Ray Banerjee (a Bollywood filmstar's only daughter: Sonia Ray), Yuvraaj Dev (brat son of India's politician: Yashwant Dev), and Ranveer Sisodia (a Rajasthani royal who comes to Maurya to avenge the death of his father which wasn't really Sumit Ahuja's fault). Hailing from different backgrounds, all of them seem to have their priorities worked out and prefer to follow their own path towards fulfilling their ambitions. But destiny has another trail set for them. Circumstances force them to come together and, through a series of dramatic twists and turns, the four form the music group "Remix" and become the singing sensation of the decade.

The story also brings into play other elements that shape the destiny of the four protagonists and the students, teachers and parents who form a bond with this elitist school. Touching upon the socio-economic divide, peer pressure, teenage dilemmas and other growing-up pangs, the show attempts to empathize with adolescents in their quests for freedom.

  • Yuvraaj (Yuvi) & Anvesha (Ashi)
  • Ranveer & Tia
  • Sumeet & Sonia
  • Aman & Vrinda
  • Sid & Meher
  • Varun & Maria Priya (M.P)
  • Nakul & Priyanka (Pri)


Main Cast
Character Background Actor
Anvesha Banerjee Ray Remix Main Characters Priya Wal
Yuvraj Dev Remix Main Characters Raj Singh Arora
Tia Ahuja Remix Main Characters Shweta Gulati
Ranveer Sisodia Remix Main Characters Karan Wahi
Secondary Cast
Character Background Actor
Meher Dastoor Hottie and Tia's angel ... her best friend Anu Sinha
Priyanka (Pri) Insecure and kind ... Tia's angel and her closest friend Archana Malkani
Nakul Agarwal Yuvi's roommate, loud and annoying, comic relief, member of blackgang but later regretted and helped getting rid of them Habib Mithiborwala
Shayam Ram Swimmer Instructor during Summer camp Sachin Khurana
Siddharth (Sid) Yuvi's roommate and best friend who is in love with Meher Gaurav Gupta
Amandeep Chadha (Aman) Ranveer's roommate and friend ... used to hide his identity about being a Sikh. In love with Vrinda Saurabh Raj Jain
Varun Intelligent nerd who is often picked on by Yuvi's gang. Ranveer's roommate and friend. In love with M.P. Kunal Karan Kapoor
Maria Priya (M.P) Athletic and strong, an orphan sponsored by a mysterious guardian..Ashi's best friend and in love with Varun Surelee Joseph
Vrinda Bhatt Nice, loving, and kind girl who is friends with both Ashi and Tia. Ashi's roommate. In love with Aman. Sakshi Talwar
Latika Jambhwal Daughter of the principal of the school thus hated by everyone. Author of the secret 'Gossip column'/'Maurya Masala' Mansee Deshmukh
Arjun Khanna class prefect...hated by all the love with Tia and made Ranveer and Maria's life hell Siddhanth Karnick
Aditya the photographer with who two-timed Ashi with his fiance Malvika Karan Mehra
Yamini Yuvi's dad hired her to get Yuvi into politics but ended up dating him. When Yuvi learned about this betrayal, he dumped her. Benaf Dadachandji
Ira Ranveer's senior ... used to send secret letters to Ranveer Arunima Sharma
Saahil Shah Class hottie. Tia and Ashi had crushes on him; he two-timed them. Bharat Arora
Reva Tia's father's girlfriend's sister who hates Tia. Ranveer dated her to get over Tia. Malavika Rane
Kabir guitarist and a band member..Ashi used to have a crush on him
Asim Dastoor Meher's brother though Meher hates him..Pri used to date him until he dumped her
Manmeet Chadda Aman's uncle's daughter who is interested in Aman while Aman was in love with Vrinda
Karan Had a small role when he tries to woo Maria Priya Jay Soni
Vikram cameo role...Sid's cousin he appears in season 2 when the kids go to Sid's uncle's resort Arjun Bijlani
Shyla Seth entered during the season 2 of the show..antagonist of Tia and later Ashi Rujutha Shah
Raghu Deshpande entered during the season 2 of the show..antagonist for Ranveer Soham Master
Soniya Ray Superstar; a very loving and caring mother of Ashi Sonia Kapoor
Sumeet Ahuja Tia's dad... Ends up marrying Soniya Ray Vinay Jain
Yashwant Dev Corrupt politician and Yuvi's dad. He used to dominate and influence Yuvi a lot. Pankaj Berry
Meera Dev Yuvi's mother who always used to support him and his dreams
Raghav Dutt A philosophy teacher. Helps students a lot Anoop Soni
Ashish Jambhwal Principal at Maurya High Lalit Parimoo
Seema Jambhwal Ashish Jambhwal's wife, Latika's mom. Also taught at Murya for sometime
Shanti Sharma History teacher. At first she used to discriminate between students but later changed her teaching methods Usha Bachani
Pallavi Dated Sumeet Ahuja. Hated Tia. Ultimately, sumeet ahuja dumped her. Kavita Kaushik
Puneet Ahuja Sumeet Ahuja's Brother. Dated soniya for a while. Vishal Puri
Vipul Khanna Had dated Soniya when they were young. Misunderstood Ashi to be his daughter Ayub Khan
Debashish Mitra Hates scholarship students. Ultimately kicked out of Maurya because he was caught taking bribe. Manav Gohil
Kailash kaka Sumeet Ahuja's driver and is respected by the family.
Kuki Soniya's assistant and friend
Leo Ashi's brother from heart. Kuki adopted him Harsh Somaiya
Ayesha Dance teacher. loves Ragav dutt (RD) Dimple Inamdar
Shashank Sports teacher in season 2 Manoj Bidwai
Chi Chi event planner. planned tia and ashi's b'day bash Manini De
Sonal (Massi) Vrinda's Aunt. She was the manager of Maurya's Canteen Gulfam Khan
Pradhyuman Chaurasia Music Teacher. Loves Sharma ma'am
Chadda Pub owner and Aman's father's friend.
Mr.Singhania One of Maurya's trustee
Vasudha Ranveer's sister

Guest Appearances


The soundtrack of the show was sung by the popular V Channel band, Aasma. The music album was released on 8 December 2005. However, most of the music were released on the show before the album launch except Boom.

Starone Remix
Soundtrack album by Aasma
Released 8 December 2005 (2005-12-08)
Genre TV Series Music Album
Length 34:28
Label Times Music
Producer Shrishti Arya
Goldie Behl
No. Title Music Artist(s) Length
1. "Dil Ki Yeh Dhadkan"   Gaurav Issar Aasma 3:57
2. "Remix"   Pritam Aasma (Rap by BlaaZe) 4:12
3. "Mast Mast"   Vikesh Mehta Aasma (Rap by Mc Sensor) 3:48
4. "Love Station"   Naresh-Paresh Aasma (Rap by Bob) 4:35
5. "Boom"   Deep Aasma 3:46
6. "Baad Mein Jahan"   Vikesh Mehta Aasma 4:04
7. "Dance Dance"   Bappi Lahiri Aasma, Bappi Lahiri 5:54
8. "Dance Dance (The Bappa Mix)"   Bappi Lahiri Aasma, Bappi Lahiri 4:12


The reactions towards the music were positive. After the launch of the album, the album stayed in Top Five Best-Sellers list for 5 consecutive weeks.


  • Hey Bhaggu (n): Hey Bhaggu, I can’t get through this number (as in Hey Bhagwan, Oh God!)
  • Timbo (adj): bimbo (dumb, Ashi uses it often for Tia (T) so timbo)
  • duh huh: dumb (Often used by Ashi)
  • Whacko (n): You are a wacko! (as in an idiotic, dumb, and senseless person; Yuvi uses it to refer to Ashi)
  • Psycho (n): Ccrazy (often used by Ashi to refer to Yuvi)
  • Chillax (v): Combination of chill and relax. (Used by Yuvi, Sid and Nakul)
  • Bana (n): brother (term used by Ranveer for his friends)
  • Puhlease (n): an extended version of please (often used by Tia whenever she's irritated)
  • How tacky (adj): Eww...your behaviour is so tacky! (as in disgusting...usually used by Tia)
  • Too sweet for sweets (n): "no sweets for us" (Tia-Pri-Meher's lingo)

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