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Remuera, Auckland
Location of Remuera in Auckland City
Basic information
Local authority Auckland Council
Electoral ward Orakei
Local board Orakei
Population 6,969 (2006 census)
Postcode(s) 1050
Train station(s) Remuera Train Station
North (Hobson Bay)
Northeast Orakei (2.6 km)
East Meadowbank
Southeast Ellerslie (2.7 km)
South Greenlane (1.9 km)
Southwest Epsom (3.4 km)
West Newmarket
Northwest Parnell (2.6 km)

Remuera is a residential suburban area within Auckland city, in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located four kilometres to the southeast of the city centre. According to the 2001 census, Remuera has a population of 6,969.

The suburb extends from Hobson Bay and the Orakei Basin (two arms of the Waitemata Harbour) to the north and east, to the main thoroughfare of State Highway 1 in the southwest. It is surrounded by the suburbs of Newmarket, Greenlane and Meadowbank.

Traditionally occupied by the higher-income bracket, especially on its "Northern Slopes" (a term that refers to the part of Remuera north of Remuera Road) the suburb has become regarded as the stereotypical retreat of the rich in Auckland.The term 'Remuera tractor', for example, is a common nickname for upmarket SUV vehicles. Remuera is home to many well known New Zealanders. Past residents included Paul Holmes and Sir Edmund Hillary - both now deceased. Also the famous racing driver/constructor Bruce McLaren was born here.


There are several schools in Remuera, most highly regarded for their education standards. Many of the schools within and close to Remuera are private schools, often with a religious component to their curriculum. Remuera Primary, Victoria Avenue Primary School, Dilworth Primary School, King's School for Boys, Saint Kentigerns School, Remuera Intermediate, Baradene, St Michaels Primary and Saint Kentigern Girls’ School to name a few. The area is also well-endowed with good State secondary schools including: Auckland Grammar School, St Peter's College (both for boys) and (for girls) Epsom Girls Grammar School and Baradene College of the Sacred Heart.


Remuera's main business and shopping area stretches along Remuera Road from Armadale Road to St Vincent's Avenue. Smaller shopping areas are situated at Upland Road and Benson Road. The shopping district Newmarket, while not in Remuera, is close enough for convenient shopping.


Remuera is a part of the Epsom electorate for Parliamentary representation, and since the 2010 Auckland local body elections, Remuera is part of the new Orakei ward. Remuera represents approximately 50% of the population in each political area. The current Member of Parliament for Epsom is John Banks from ACT New Zealand, and all local councillors are from the Citizens & Ratepayers ticket. The current Community Constable for Remuera is Tye Tahuriorangi of the Newmarket Police.


Remuera has had a long history of human occupation, starting back in the early 14th century when the Maori came to the area. They named the place O-hine-rangi - the place of Hinerangi (girl of the sky). It wasn't until some four hundred years later that it was named Remuwera or Remu-wera. Eventually the Wai-o-hua gave way to the Ngāti Whātua who are now considered the local iwi.

View of Hobson Bay over western Remuera.

When early European settlers moved into Remuera it quickly became one of the most exclusive places to live. The first shops opened in Remuera in 1890.

The infamous Bassett Road machine gun murders took place in Remuera in 1963.[1]

Remu-wera literally translates to "burnt edge of kilt", commemorating a cannibal feast where a chieftainess of Hauraki was captured and eaten.[2] Although the most common definition in reference literature, the accuracy of this definition has been described as "highly doubtful".[3] An alternative, less common definition of Remuera has it meaning "burnt hem of a garment".[4]

Notable Residents[edit]


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