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René Château (27 June 1906 – 5 April 1970) was a French philosopher, poet and politician.

Château was born in Mouthiers-sur-Boëme. He represented the Radical-Socialist Party Camille Pelletan in the Chamber of Deputies from 1936 to 1940.[1] In 1940 he voted in favour of granting the Cabinet presided by Marshal Philippe Pétain authority to draw up a new constitution, thereby effectively ending the French Third Republic and establishing Vichy France.

As a journalist, he worked with Marcel Déat and became editor of La France socialiste, which he used to denounce the three international institutions of "capitalism, bolshevism and Jewishness".[2] Later, he joined the National Popular Rally (RNP), from which he was expelled in 1943. In 1944 he was arrested and imprisoned as a Nazi collaborator, first by the "francs-tireurs" and later by the forces of liberation.[3] He later wrote an account of his captivity called L'Âge de Caïn (1947), published under the pseudonym of Jean-Pierre Abel.


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