René Liu

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René Liu
Rene Liu.jpg
René Liu
Chinese name 劉若英 (traditional)
Chinese name 刘若英 (simplified)
Pinyin Liú Ruòyīng (Mandarin)
Pe̍h-ōe-jī Lâu Nā-eng (Hokkien)
Ancestry Hunan
Origin Taiwan
Born (1969-06-01) June 1, 1969 (age 45)
Taipei, Taiwan
Other name(s) 奶茶 (Nǎichá; milk tea)
Occupation Actress, singer
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) Guitar
Label(s) Rock Records, AsiaMuse
Years active 1994-present
Official Website

René Liu (traditional Chinese: 劉若英; simplified Chinese: 刘若英; pinyin: Liú Ruòyīng), born June 1, 1969 [1][2][3] is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She was the first to win Best Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in both television and film productions. She has recorded several albums including I'm Fine (我很好).[3]


  • 1995: 少女小漁的美麗與哀愁
  • 1995: 雨季; Rainy Season
  • 1996: 到處亂走; Walk Around 
  • 1998: 很愛很愛你; Love You So Much
  • 2000: 我等你; I'll Wait for You
  • 2001: 年華; Time
  • 2001: 收穫; Gain
  • 2002: Love and the City
  • 2003: 滾石香港黃金十年:劉若英精選
  • 2003: 我的失敗與偉大
  • 2004: 《20.30.40愛得精采》電影原聲帶
  • 2004: 聽說?; Heard?
  • 2005: 一整夜; One Whole Night   
  • 2007: 《生日快樂》電影原聲帶   
  • 2008: Rene  
  • 2008: 我很好; I'm Fine  
  • 2008: 《一個好爸爸》電影原聲帶
  • 2010: 在一起; Together
  • 2013: 親愛的路人


Year Title Role Awards
2011 Speed Angels Han Bing
Mayday 3DNA
Love in Space
Mr. and Mrs. Single Mandy
2010 Hot Summer Days Li Yan
2008 Run Papa Run Mabel Chan
2007 Kidnap Inspector Ho Yuan-chun
The Matrimony Sansan
Happy Birthday Mi
2004 A World Without Thieves Wang Li
20 30 40 Xiang Xiang
The Butterfly Lovers (voice)
2002 Double Vision Ching-fang
2001 Migratory Bird Chen Fang-ning
X-Roads Yang Shao
2000 Fleeing by Night Wei Ying Er
"April Rhapsody" Zhang Youyi
"Toshinden Subaru, the New Generation" Rook Castle
1998 The Personals Dr. Du Jia-zhen
1997 Murmur of Youth Mei-li Chen
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation Xiaodie (voice)
1996 Tonight Nobody Goes Home Xiaoqi
Accidental Legend
Red Persimmon
Thunder Cop Liu Mei-Ying
1995 The Peony Pavilion The pop singer Liu Yu-mei
Siao Yu Lin Siao Yu
Don't Cry, Nanking Shuqin



Year Award Result
1998 Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan Special Jury Award for The Personals
2000 35th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan Best Leading Actress in a Television Series for
Mother Living in the Cross (千禧劇展—住在十字架裡的母親)
2003 22nd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress Best Supporting Actress for Double Vision
2005 10th Golden Bauhinia Awards, Hong Kong Best Actress Award for A World Without Thieves
2006 28th Hundred Flowers Awards, China Best Actress Award for A World Without Thieves


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