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René Taton (4 April 1915 – 9 August 2004) was a French author, historian of science, and long co-editor (along with Suzanne Delorme) of the Revue d'histoire des sciences.


He was born on 4 April 1915 in L'Échelle.

He died on 9 August 2004 in Ajaccio.


In 1935, he became a student of École normale supérieure de Saint-Cloud.

He was the co-editor of Journal of history of science.

His General History of Science (last edition in 1996, PUF, Quadriga) is a major reference in the field of history of science


  • To continue the calculus (collection of Abbot Moreux), 1945?
  • History of computing, coll. "What do I know? "1946
  • Mental arithmetic , Presses Universitaires de France , coll. "What do I know? " n o 605, Paris. First edition: 1953, 128 p., (notice BnF n o FRBNF326561651 ) . Last Edit: 1979, 126 p., ( ISBN 2-13-035802-0 ), (notice BnF n o FRBNF34655169f ) .
  • Casualties and accidents of scientific discovery: illustration of some characteristic stages of the evolution of science, published by Masson et al. "Evolution Science" n o 6, Paris, 1955, 172 p., (notice BnF n o FRBNF32656167q ) .
  • General History of Science (1957 to 1964), reissue (1966-1983).
  • Historical Studies of Science (collected his 85 th birthday by Danielle Fauque Myriana Ilic and Robert Halleux), Brepols Publishing, coll. "From diversis artibus" n o 47, Turnhout, 2000, 544 p., ( ISBN 2-503-51007-8 ), (notice BnF n o FRBNF37734558t ) .
  • Later writings, 2000, compiled by R. Halleux

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