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Renee Li-Yen Lim[1] (born 1978/1979 in Perth, Australia) is an Australian actress, television presenter and medical doctor.

Early life and education[edit]

Lim was born in Perth, Western Australia to Chinese-Malaysian parents[2] who had migrated from Malaysia to Australia in the 1970s.[3] When she was five years old, her parents divorced;[2] Lim was primarily raised by her single father,[2] and her mother moved to Malaysia[2] and remarried a Peranakan man.[4] Lim would often travel to Malaysia, where she had family other than her mother, to visit her mother.[2] Lim's father later remarried and had a son with his new wife when she was 12 years old.[2]

Lim graduated as the dux of her high school,[2] Hampton Senior High School.[5] Few from Lim's high school pursued tertiary studies, and she had initially intended to "be a doctor on weekdays, a lawyer on weekends, an actor on the holidays and a dancer at night".[2]

At 17 years old, Lim moved to Sydney, New South Wales to commence medical studies at the University of New South Wales, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in 2001.[6]

In 2000, Lim co-directed the University of New South Wales Medical Revue, American Booty (an homage to the 1999 film American Beauty), alongside Keith Lim and Jason Appleby.[7] Also during her university studies, Lim co-authored two academic articles.[8][9]


Medical career[edit]

Lim is a physician,[10] mostly working in part-time, locum posts in emergency medicine, geriatrics, and palliative care departments,[11][12][2][5] and a clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney's Northern Clinical School.[13]

Lim considered leaving medical practice altogether to focus on acting; however, she realised that she "love[d] it", adding that "acting is now my job opposed to my hobby".[12]

Entertainment career[edit]

Lim has made ten guest appearances on the Australian hospital drama All Saints as Suzi Lau and also as a regular cast member SBS's police drama East West 101 as Jung Lim.[14]

As of 2014, Lim is currently playing Mae, the younger Thai girlfriend of Josh's father, in Please Like Me.[citation needed] She also stars in 2014's Forget Me Not.[citation needed]


Lim is an ambassador for StreetWork,[15] a charity founded in the 1970s to "address the problems with young people of crime, violence, destructive family relationships, rejection and isolation, learning difficulties, poor employment opportunities and substance abuse and to help get young lives back on track".[16]



Year Film Role Notes
2011 The Tunnel Lisa Lung

TV shows[edit]

Year TV show Role Notes
2007 East West 101 Jung Lim 13 episodes shot so far
2008 All Saints Suzi Lau 10 episodes
2014 Please Like Me Mae


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