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Reno is the fourth most populous city in Nevada, US.

Reno may also refer to:



  • The Reno River, in Northern Italy
  • The Rhine river, Reno in the Italian language


United States[edit]


  • Don Reno (1927–1984), American country musician
  • Ginette Reno (born 1946), French-Canadian author
  • Janet Reno (born 1938), former attorney general of the United States
  • Jean Reno (born 1948), French actor
  • Jesse L. Reno (1823–1862), American military general during the Mexican–American War, and the American Civil War
  • Jesse W. Reno (1861–1947), American inventor of the escalator
  • Marcus Reno (1834–1889), American cavalry officer, participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn
  • Mike Reno (born 1955), Canadian rock musician
  • Tony Reno (born 1963), Swedish rock musician
  • Walter E. Reno (1881–1917), American naval officer
  • The stage name of professional wrestler Rick Cornell
  • Reno Gang (died 1868), American Civil War criminal gang

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