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Renseneb Amenemhat (also known as Ranisonb) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. According to egyptologist Kim Ryholt, Renseneb was the 14th king of the dynasty, while Detlef Franke sees him as the 13th ruler and Jürgen von Beckerath as the 16th.[1][2][3][4] Renseneb is poorly attested and his throne name remains unknown.


Renseneb is known primarily thanks to the Turin King List where he appears in Column 7, line 16 (Gardiner col. 6 line 6). He is credited a short reign of only four months. Renseneb is otherwise known from a single contemporary object, a bead that shows that he had a double name: Renseneb Amenemhat. Egyptologist Kim Ryholt reads the double name as a filiation meaning 'Renseneb son of Amenemhat'.[1] However, other researchers such as Stephen Quirke do not follow him in this interpretation.[5]

Renseneb's successor, Hor, was apparently of non-royal birth as he never reported his parentage. Consequently, Ryholt proposed that Hor usurped the throne.[1]


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