Rentina, Thessaloniki

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Rentina is located in Greece
Coordinates 40°40′N 23°37′E / 40.667°N 23.617°E / 40.667; 23.617Coordinates: 40°40′N 23°37′E / 40.667°N 23.617°E / 40.667; 23.617
Country: Greece
Administrative region: Central Macedonia
Regional unit: Thessaloniki
Municipality: Volvi
Population statistics (as of 2001)[1]
Municipal unit
 - Population: 6,364
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)

Rentina (Greek: Ρεντίνα) is a former municipality in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it has been a municipal unit within the municipality of Volvi.[2] Its population was 6,364 in 2001. The seat of the (former) municipality was in Stavros.

The well preserved Rentina fort served as a strategic strong hold on the Mygdonian basin, overseeing Via Egnatia, at the most eastern domain of thema Thessalonikon and adjacent to thema Strymonikon, particularly during the last 200 years of the Byzantine Empire. References on the last military company that served at Rentina are reflected in the recordings of megas domestikos John Kantakouzenos who as participant observer specified in his History that: "[in July-August of 1334] between Thessaloniki and the fort of Rentina situated on a hill by the shore of lake Bolbi Emperor Andronikos III laid camp for his army, at a certain village known as that of the Cretans which was inhabited by an army of Cretans who for a cause had risen up and moved off the island". [3]


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