Renton Thurston

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Renton Thurston
Eureka Seven character
First appearance Eureka Seven episode 1
Voiced by Yuuko Sanpei (Japanese, Eureka Seven)
Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese, Eureka Seven: AO)
Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
Relatives Adrock Thurston (father)
Diane Thurston (sister)
Eureka (wife)
Amber (daughter)
Ao (son)

Renton Thurston (レントン・サーストン Renton Sāsuton?) is a fictional character who appears as the main protagonist of the Eureka Seven series created by Bones. He is the son of Adrock Thurston and pilot of the Nirvash typeZERO. The character is voiced by Yuuko Sanpei in Japanese and Johnny Yong Bosch in English. He also appears in Eureka Seven: AO, where he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese and Bosch reprising his role for the series.


Early in Eureka Seven, Renton encounters Eureka after she crash-lands on his hometown Bellforest, and falls in love with her. He joins the renegade group Gekkostate to be near his idol, Holland Novak and Eureka. However, the other crew members generally distrust Renton. Holland also develops a rivalry with Renton, due to Eureka getting most of the attention from him. He occasionally rides with Eureka in the Nirvash typeZERO and is able to lift. However, after considering what the Gekkostate has done to him, Renton decides to leave the group for Charles and Ray Beams, much to Eureka's dismay. He then leaves them after finding out from Charles on what their mission is to capture Eureka and the Nirvash: Type Zero. He returns to Gekkostate only to warn them that they are walking into a trap and to protect Eureka at any cost. After rescuing Eureka from certain death, Renton reconciles with her and soon rejoins the Gekkostate. Holland also reconciles with Renton, having realized that the boy is actually the coralian's partner. Eureka and Renton continue to pilot the typeZERO, and begins a relationship with Eureka and the Gekkostate. Soon after, Renton, Eureka and the Gekkostate defeat Dewey Novak's forces and the series ends with the two getting married to each other.

In Eureka Seven: AO, Renton and Eureka have two children together; a daughter named Amber, who dies shortly after birth, and a son named Ao. When Eureka was pregnant with their daughter, they are conducting an experiment to see why Scub Coral is vanishing (using the Gekko as part of it) and she temporarily vanished into the past, where she met Ao, who returns her to her world. Around this time, Renton is being hailed as a genius for combining his knowledge of Scub Coral and LFOs, creating the first IFO. After the death of Amber from the high level of trapar, Renton decides to destroy the Scub Coral to prevent their second child from suffering the same fate. By the time Eureka is pregnant with their son, he forces her to travel into the past to ensure Ao's survival. He later meets Ao for the first time and was reunited with Eureka, and Ao saves them by helping them return to their world.


In the manga adaptation, Renton hesitates to join the Gekkostate out of worry of getting involved with the military. but accepts. He becomes a favoriteof Holland's, who proclaims the boy as the true heir to Adroc's legacy. He goes through a rift with eureka due to their inability to communicate, but soon reconcile and enter in a relationship after he saves her from being killed by SOF soldiers. He was later seriously injured as he flew Eureka to the Zone. Anemone was able to get into the Zone first not knowingly that Nirvash "typeTHEEND" was sending a deadly virus to the Coralians. Here as seen, Eureka and Anemone (when not drugged) were not enemies, but long-time friends. Dominic attempted to help Renton with his quest to save Eureka from the zone. There he was confronted with the Coralians. Renton was first assigned to act as decoy for Dominic, however, when Dominic pilots Nirvash "TypeTHEEND" the machine's arm wasn't fixed yet. Renton went into the Zone while Dominic faces off death by the Coralians. Renton was able to meet a false Eureka that manipulated him to be eaten by the Coralians. Eureka was able to get out of the Coralian's imprisonment and prevent Renton to be eaten thus saved the world. At the end, like the anime, Renton was able to profess his love toward Eureka (although much earlier he already did), but Eureka materialized with the Coralians. The ending was two years after this incident. Renton lives with Eureka's adopted children, Maurice, Maeter, and Linck, and his grandfather, Axel Thurston, in Bellforest. He works at a windmill and anticipates the return of Eureka, as he refuses to mourn her death.[1]


In the film adaptation, Renton is a young boy he becomes friends with Eureka. He with Eureka and Larva Nirvash went with Professor Dominic to witness a rainbow flower's bloom. The army took Eureka away and Renton didn't know what to do. Eight years later, Renton becomes a soldier and serves with the Gekkostate. During a mission, Renton finds Eureka and rescues her thus evolving Nirvash in a different body. Renton learns that the Gekkostate are not really working with the army only for them to use Renton and Eureka to find Neverland so they can stay young. When Renton was injured by a gunshot, he sees Dominic's spirit and tells him to not let go of his feelings and for him to "Don't ask for it, do it forself, or you won't get nothing" which Renton rose up and evolve Nirvash again to a new form (which is not the form we saw in the TV series) and he and Eureka escapes. Holland went after them and fought them, which he activated his hard drive only to find out that Talho is pregnant with Holland's child and with that he lost the fight with Renton and Eureka. Renton pass out from his wound as Eureka told him it will be alright as Nirvash pierce the command cluster so that "The Hammer of God" can enter the Command Cluster to destroy it. When Renton woke up, he sees a naked Eureka with long hair and her voice is messed up, his wound was gone, and Larva Nirvash is big. Before Larva Nirvash disappear into fragments of light, he told Renton that he and Eureka can fly now even without wings and that their own two feet can carry them to the future. As Renton and Eureka with his jacket on her are wondering, Eureka pointed to Renton that there are two rainbows and a rescue shuttle that comes to pick them up and than Eureka kiss Renton on his left side of his face. As Renton and Eureka hold each other's hand, Renton realize that both Dominic and Nirvash were both right and that Renton smiles as he knows that he and Eureka will have a happy future together.


Theron Martin of Anime News Network stated in his review of the series' first DVD that "Renton is a pretty normal male lead for a series like this."[2] However, while initially describing him as immature, Martin later said in his review of the seventh DVD that "Renton proves that he has grown up a bit by not being thrown for a loop by learning what makes Eureka special."[3]


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