Renwick, Cumbria

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Renwick, formerly known as Ravenwick, is a small village in the English county of Cumbria. It forms part of the civil parish of Kirkoswald in the District of Eden. Renwick is located north east of Penrith between the A686 and B6413 roads.


One mile south-east of the village in the hamlet of Haresceugh are the fragmentary remains of Haresceugh Castle, the site of which is now occupied by a farmhouse. Two sections of walling remain from the castle. There are no amenities in Renwick,the nearest facilities are in Kirkoswald. Renwick is a small, close-knit community and has an active farm.


"Renwick lies on Raven Beck..., but the probabilities are that the river-name is a back-formation from the place-name, and that Renwick is really 'Hrafn's wīc' ".[1] ('Wīc' is Old English for 'farmstead' or 'settlement').


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