Replica (song)

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Single by Fear Factory
from the album Demanufacture
Released 1995
Format CD
Genre Groove metal, industrial metal
Length 3:56
Label Roadrunner
Writer(s) Burton C. Bell, Dino Cazares, Raymond Herrera
Producer(s) Colin Richardson, Rhys Fulber, Fear Factory
Fear Factory singles chronology
"Dog Day Sunrise"

Replica is the debut single released by Fear Factory through Roadrunner Records. The song originally appears on the band's second studio album Demanufacture as the fourth track, released in 1995. The music was composed by guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera, with lyrics by vocalist Burton C. Bell. Bell's lyrics appear to represent the anger, frustration and ultimately hatred felt by a child conceived through rape. Like every track on the album, "Replica" was remixed for the Remanufacture – Cloning Technology album under the title "Cloning Technology". A live version appears on the 2003 compilation Hatefiles.

According to one review, "Replica" is a song that propelled Fear Factory into popularity.[1]

Music video[2][edit]

Roadrunner released the official video to YouTube on October 26, 2009. The video shows the band performing in a locker room.


"Replica" has lyrics about how love is nonexistent but only hate, rape and pain exist. Lines of lyrics that sing several times include 'I am rape' pairing with 'I am hate', 'I don't want to live that way', 'Every day I feel anonymous hate', 'Filled with pain', and 'Life that's full of misery'.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Replica — 3:56
  2. Replica (Electric Sheep Mix) — 3:58


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