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This article is about the globe company. For the industrialist, see J. Leonard Replogle.

Replogle is the world's largest manufacturer of globes.[1]


Replogle Globes was started by Luther Replogle (1902-1981) when, in 1930, he began selling globes which he crafted by hand in his apartment in Chicago, using maps from England.[2] His vision was to make globes a common feature in people's households, rather than something found only in academic settings. Luther Replogle co-founded Scanglobe in 1963, purchased its remaining interest in 1988, and moved the company to the United States in 2003 as a Replogle brand.[3]


Replogle makes metal globes, light-up globes (in glass [vintage], cardboard, and plastic), inflatable plastic globes, transparent globes, a cube-shaped globe, and a variety of globe stands. In addition to globes of Earth, Replogle also makes globes of Venus, Mars, the moon, and the celestial sphere.


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