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DVD cover
Directed by Lasse Åberg
Peter Hald
Produced by Bo Jonsson
Written by Lasse Åberg
Bo Jonsson
Lars Molin
Starring Lasse Åberg
Janne Carlsson
Ted Åström
Music by Janne Schaffer
Distributed by Europafilm
Viking Film
Release dates
February 23, 1979
Running time
85 min
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Repmånad is a 1979 Swedish comedy film directed by Lasse Åberg. The plot revolves around a group of men called in for refresher exercise (known as "repmånad" in Swedish, hence the title) in the Swedish Army, and who did their national service together some years earlier. The alternative name is "How to make boys out of men (Swedish:hur man gör pojkar av män), a joke on the army motto "We make men out of boys".


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