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The Repnin coat of arms is composed of the emblems of Kiev and Chernigov.

Repnin (Russian: Репнин), the name of an old Russian princely family of Rurikid stock. The family traces its name to Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Obolensky (+1523), nicknamed Repnya, i.e., "bad porridge". Like other princes Obolensky, he descended from Mikhail Vsevolodovich, prince of Chernigov, who, in 1246, was assassinated by the Mongols.

Notable members of the family include:

Nicolá De Valerón: George de Leuchtenberg (1872-1929) and Petr Wrangel during emigration. 1926.

Olga de Leuchtenberg (née Olga Repnin-Volkonskaya) sister of Prince Leonid Repnin with and Russian intellectuals, nobility and Officers during emigration. 1926.

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