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Repola is a parish in the Republic of Karelia of the Russian Federation by the Finnish border. In 1926 the parish had a population of 1465.

Repola and Porajärvi in 1920. The border between Finland and Soviet Union after 1940 is also shown.

After Finland's declaration of independence the parish became an issue in Finnish-Russian relations when its population held a vote in August 1918 to join Finland. The Finnish Army moved to occupy Repola in October. In the Treaty of Tartu, 1920, Finland gave up her claims on Repola and the neighbouring Porajärvi, and instead received Petsamo in the far north.

The inhabitants of Repola did however not give up, and in 1921 they started a rebellion against the Bolsheviks. The resistance movement, the Metsäsissit (literally Forest Guerillas), received volunteers from Finland and managed to capture large parts of East Karelia. The Bolsheviks fought back, and in 1922 the last guerillas withdrew to Finland.

During the negotiations prior to the Winter War, Joseph Stalin offered Repola and Porajärvi in exchange for a smaller area on the Karelian Isthmus. The offer was rejected.

Repola was occupied (1941–1944) by the Finnish 14th Division during the Continuation War, until it was recaptured by Soviet forces.

Coordinates: 63°50′01″N 30°48′38″E / 63.83361°N 30.81056°E / 63.83361; 30.81056