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Reporters is a weekly analytical programme shown on BBC News and BBC World News.

The programme features a presenter linking a number of BBC news reports from the past week or highlighting a topic or a series of reports and in some cases conducting interviews with correspondents present at the time the events took place. It is also shown on the BBC News Channel in the UK. Normally the Friday presenter of World News Today presents the show. It sister show is UK Reporters which shows viewers internationally the best reports from across the United Kingdom.


Years Presenter Current role
2010-present Kasia Madera Main Presenter
2011–present Philippa Thomas Regular Relief presenter
20??-present Tim Willcox
2013-present Yalda Hakim

Former Presenters[edit]

Special Editions[edit]

Lyse Doucet presented a special edition in December 2013 marking three years since the start of the Arab uprisings and reports assessing the impact of the protests across the region. Another edition was presented by Komla Dumor looking back at the life of Nelson Mandela. In late December a two part episode airs looking back at the best reports from the last twelve months episode split January - June and July - December.

Persian Reporters[edit]

Persian-speakers can also watch BBC Persian Reporters online and on BBC Persian TV

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