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Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
Spouse(s) King Nyuserre Ini
Children Khamerernebty

Reptynub (English pronunciation: [rɛptiːnʊb]; also written as Repytnub and Reputnebu) was a Queen during the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt. She was the wife of King Nyuserre Ini.[2][3] She was possibly a mother of Menkauhor Kaiu (if he was Nyuserre’s son).[4]

Reptynub is identified as the wife of Nyuserre based on the discovery of a fragment of a statue in his mortuary temple. A smaller pyramid next to that of Niuserre likely belonged to his wife and the pyramid may have belonged to Reptynub.[5][6]

Fragments of a statue of a queen were found in the tomb of the vizier Ptahshepses and his wife, the king’s daughter Khamerernebty. No name was found on the statue fragments, but the statue is assumed to depict Reptynub.[6]

She could be a mother of the princess Reputnebty,[7] who is mentioned on a limestone fragment found in the pyramid complex of the queen Khentkaus II. She was named after Two Ladies.

Another child of Reptynub was maybe Prince Khentykauhor.[8]

Father-in-law of Reptynub was King Neferirkare Kakai, and her brother-in-law was King Neferefre.[5]


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Preceded by
Khentkaus II
Queen of Egypt
Fifth dynasty
Succeeded by
Meresankh IV