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This article is about the Republic Airlines that is currently operating. For the Republic Airlines that was founded in 1979, and purchased by Northwest Airlines, see Republic Airlines (1979-1986).
Republic Airlines
Founded 1998

As American Eagle:

As US Airways Express:

As Caesar Entertainment

As United Express

Frequent-flyer program AAdvantage (American Airlines)
Dividend Miles (US Airways)
MileagePlus (United)
Alliance Oneworld (American Airlines, US Airways)
Star Alliance (United)
Fleet size 150
Parent company Republic Airways Holdings
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Key people Bryan Bedford (CEO)

Republic Airlines, Inc., operating as Republic Airlines (IATA: YXICAO: RPACall sign: BRICKYARD)[1] is a regional airline subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings that operates service as American Eagle, US Airways Express, and United Express using a fleet of Bombardier Q400NextGen, Embraer 170, Embraer 175 and Embraer 190 aircraft. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.[2]


Republic Airways Holdings incorporated a new subsidiary, "Republic Airline, Inc." (sic), in 1999,[3] but the subsidiary had no activity prior to 2004 and no ability to operate aircraft prior to 2005. In 2004 the holding company activated Republic Airline in reaction to a pilots' suit against American Airlines.

American had awarded the flying of 44-seat regional jets to Chautauqua Airlines, then the main operating subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings. However, Chautauqua later started to operate 70-seat regional jets on behalf of another major airline, and this caused American to be in violation of its pilot union scope clause, which prevented another airline from operating on behalf of American if that airline was operating jet aircraft of more than 50 seats, even if such aircraft were operating on behalf of a carrier other than American. To repair the situation, Republic Airways Holdings activated Republic Airline, and upon Part 121 certification in 2005 [4] allowing Republic Airlines to operate commercial service. Republic Airways Holdings then transferred the offending 70-seat regional jets from Chautauqua to Republic Airlines. American was thereby no longer in violation of its pilot union scope clause. Republic Airways Holdings paid US$6.6 million to the pilot union of American Airlines to settle this issue.[5]

US Airways' pilots had a scope clause prohibiting the airline from operating large regional jets such as the Embraer 170. The airline negotiated around this clause by offering flight deck jobs to laid-off US Airways pilots, in a program known as "Jets for Jobs." This agreement created a subsidiary, MidAtlantic Airways. As part of US Airways' bankruptcy restructuring, the 25 Embraer 170s delivered to MidAtlantic were bought by Republic to help US Airways to come out of bankruptcy, which operates them along with additional newly delivered aircraft on order under a conventional Express carrier contract.

In 2007, Frontier Airlines signed an 11-year service agreement with Republic Airlines. Under the agreement, Republic would operate 17 Embraer 170 aircraft for the Frontier Airlines operations. The first aircraft was placed into service in March 2007, and the last aircraft was expected to be placed into service by December 2008. On April 23, 2008, Republic Airways Holdings (parent of Republic Airlines) terminated its service agreement with Frontier Airlines, which entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy in early April 2008. Subsequently, Republic Air Holdings purchased Frontier Airlines in bankruptcy. Frontier branded Republic Airlines E-190 aircraft provided regional capacity support. In September 2013, Republic Airways Holdings sold Frontier Airlines. As part of the sale, Republic Airlines terminated the Frontier branded E-190 flying.

On February 1, 2008, Republic Airlines opened a base at Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus Ohio.

On September 3, 2008, Republic signed a new 10 year codeshare agreement with Midwest Airlines. The aircraft would be based at Kansas City International Airport beginning October 1, 2008. Twelve aircraft would be placed in service with Midwest. On June 23, 2009, Republic announced it would acquire Midwest Airlines for $31 million.:[6]

In January 2013, Republic Airways Holdings reached a capacity purchase agreement with American Airlines to operate Embraer E175 airplanes under the American Eagle brand beginning in mid-2013.[7] Republic began service as an American Eagle affiliate on August 1, 2013 from Chicago to New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Albuquerque.[8]


As of March 2015, the Republic Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft:[9]

Aircraft Active Stored Orders Options Passengers Operated For Notes
F Y+ Y Total
Embraer E-170 25 9 60 69 (20) US Airways Express 3 aircraft leased to Aeroméxico Connect
6 64 70 (2) Shuttle America
Embraer E-175 38 2 8 72 80 US Airways Express
46 4 40 12 20 44 76 American Eagle Deliveries through Q1 2015
50 12 16 48 76 United Express Deliveries through 2015-2017; replacing Q400
Embraer E-190 10 104 104 5 aircraft used for Caesars Entertainment charters
5 190's leased to Aeroméxico Connect
Bombardier Dash 8
31 1 4 70 74[10] United Express Will be retired by September 2016
7 10 54 71[11]
Total 150 3 54 40  
A Republic Airlines Embraer 170 in the pre-2005 livery of US Airways Express, seen at the Portland International Jetport near Portland, Maine.

The Embraer 175 made its United States domestic debut when the first aircraft was delivered to Republic Airlines in March 2007. Total orders were for 36 aircraft, which were operated in an 80-seat configuration under the US Airways Express brand name.[12]

In July 2010, Republic ordered a further 24 Embraer 190 aircraft.[13]

In May 2012, Republic Airlines agreed to fly the 28 Bombardier Q400s for United Express that bankrupt Pinnacle Airlines planned to return to its lessors.[14]

Republic Airways Holdings signed a three-year contract in October 2012 with Caesars Entertainment Corporation where its Republic Airlines subsidiary would operate five Embraer E190 aircraft to provide more than 1,500 charter flights annually for Caesars. Service began in January 2013.[15]

In January 2013, Republic Airways Holdings reached a capacity purchase agreement with American Airlines to operate 47 Embraer E175 airplanes under the American Eagle brand beginning in mid-2013. The regional jets would be deployed out of American's Chicago hub. In addition, Republic would have options to purchase an additional 47 Embraer aircraft beginning in 2015.[7] Republic took first delivery of the E175 jets in July 2013 and service began August 1, 2013 from Chicago to New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Albuquerque.[8] Republic began using Miami as an American Eagle hub in October 2014.[16] A future Los Angeles hub was planned for Mid 2015, however a contract for more aircraft went to Compass Airlines.[citation needed]

Crew bases[edit]

As of February 20, 2015, Republic Airlines uses the following airports as crew member domiciles:


Embraer 170 of Republic Airlines in the parent company's common Republic Airways aircraft livery

As of August 2014

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