Republic Square, Yerevan

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Republic Square
Հանրապետության Հրապարակ.jpg
The square at night
Location Kentron district
Yerevan, Armenia
Built 1926-1958
Architectural style(s) Neoclassical

The Republic Square (Armenian: Հանրապետության հրապարակ Hanrapetu'tyan Hraparak) is the large central town square in Yerevan, Armenia. It is intersected by the streets of Abovyan, Nalbandyan, Tigran Mets Avenue, Vazgen Sargsyan and Amiryan.

History and architecture[edit]

The dancing fountains at the square

The square was designed by architect Alexander Tamanian within the 1924 main plan of Yerevan city. The construction of the square started in 1926. The first phase of the construction was completed in 1929.[1] It was further developed until 1952 and finally completed in 1958.

The square was known as Lenin Square (Armenian: Լենինի հրապարակ Lenini hraparak; Russian: Площадь Ленина Ploshchad Lenina). The statue of the Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was erected in the southwestern forehead of the square in 1940 and dismantlement in 1990, prior to the independence of Armenia. It is now replaced with a large TV monitor.

The oval shaped square has a stone pattern in the centre, meant to look like a traditional Armenian rug from above. The dancing water fountains are located at the northeastern forehead of the square in front of the National Gallery. The buildings around the square are made of rose and white Armenian tufa stones, fortified on a basalt-made ground anchor. The clock of the Government building tower was made in Moscow and transferred to Yerevan in July 1941. The diameter of the clock is 4 meters, the length of the big hand is 188 cm, while the small hand is 170 cm.

The Republic Square is the place where ceremonies and meetings are held with the most notable one is the yearly military show of the Independence Day.

Buildings around the square[edit]

General view

The square is surrounded with seven major buildings:

  • The National Gallery and the History Museum building (northeast).
  • The Ministry of Finance (east).
  • The Government House: holds the main offices of the Government of Armenia (east).
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia (south).
  • The Armenia Marriott hotel (west).
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (northwest).
  • The Ministry of Territorial Administration (north).

The square is bordered by the Shahumyan Park from the northwestern side.


The square in 2010

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