Republic of Entre Ríos

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Republic of Entre Ríos
Unrecognized state

Flag Coat of arms
Republic of Entre Ríos (modern-day Argentine provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes)
Capital Concepción del Uruguay
Government Republic
Jefe supremo Francisco Ramírez
 -  Established September 29, 1820
 -  Ramírez assassinated July 10, 1821
Area 166,980 km² (64,471 sq mi)
Today part of  Argentina

The Republic of Entre Ríos was a short-lived republic in South America in the early nineteenth century.[1] Comprising approximately 166,980 km2 (64,470 sq mi)[2] of what are today the Argentine provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes,[3] the country was founded in 1820 by the caudillo General Francisco Ramírez (who styled himself jefe supremo, supreme chief)[4] and lasted only one year.[5]

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