Republic of Texas–Yucatán relations

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Texan-Yucatáni relations
Map indicating locations of Republic of Yucatán and Republic of Texas



Texas - Yucatán relations refers to the historical foreign relations between the Republic of Texas and Republic of Yucatán. Relations effectively began in 1841 when Yucatán seceded from Mexico. Relations ended upon the annexation of Texas by the United States.

Secession from Mexico[edit]

Both Texas and Yucatán began as Mexican Territories, both territories were resistant to the order of the Mexican Government and each decided to secede. Both territories reasons for secession differed, but nonetheless they shared a common goal of Independence. Texas seceded first in 1836, 1841 Yucatán seceded with help from Texan naval forces.[1]

Disputes with Mexico[edit]

Conflict with Mexico did not end for either republic after independence, the battle on land became minimal but the battle at sea raged on, the two republics had to strengthen their alliance in order to survive as sovereign nations.[2] The British Empire supplied The Mexican Navy with Ironclads,[1] while France supplied Texas and Yucatán with diplomatic support.

Map of Mexico showing Yucatán and Texas by Flag.

Diplomatic Relations[edit]

Yucatán had an embassy in Austin, Texas had an embassy in Mérida[1]

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