Republican-Socialist Party

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This article is about the French political party. For the Belgian political party, see Republican Socialist Party.

The Republican-Socialist Party (French: Parti républicain-socialiste) was a French socialist political party during the French Third Republic, founded in 1911 and dissolved in 1934. It was founded by socialists who refused to join the SFIO founded in 1905. The PRS was a "reformist socialist" party located between the SFIO and the Radical Socialist Party. PRS member René Viviani was the first French Minister of Labour in 1906.

The PRS was weakened by an ideological contradiction, between socialism and reformism, in an era where the political divide was very sharp. It also suffered from an organizational division between those favouring a united and structured party, like the SFIO, or an independent party with independent personalities. It was dissolved in 1934 and an attempt to recreate it within the Rally of Republican Lefts in 1945 failed.