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Studio album by Dusty Springfield
Released 25 June 1990
Recorded UK/United States November 1988 – February 1990
Genre Pop, dance
Length 42:51


PCSD 111 (vinyl)
CDPCSD 111 (CD) (UK)
Producer Pet Shop Boys
Julian Mendelsohn
Dan Hartman
Andy Richards
Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Dusty Springfield chronology
White Heat
A Very Fine Love
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Reputation is the thirteenth studio album by British singer Dusty Springfield, and twelfth released. Issued on the Parlophone Records label in the UK and the rest of Europe in June 1990, Reputation was not only Springfield's first studio album in eight years at the time but in fact also the first album to be released in her native country since 1979's Living Without Your Love. After a string of commercially overlooked albums through the late 1970s and early 1980s Reputation finally managed to resurrect Springfield's career and belatedly resulted in her being re-evaluated and recognised by both music critics and the general public as Britain's foremost 'blue-eyed soul' singer. Mainly produced by Pet Shop Boys and Julian Mendelsohn and recorded in the UK over a period of some eighteen months, Reputation became her highest charting and best-selling album in Britain since 1970's From Dusty with Love, peaking at No. 18 and selling 60,000 copies within two weeks of its release.


In 1987, Springfield was beginning to look back towards the UK as a source of recording work, due in large part to her collaboration with Pet Shop Boys on their single "What Have I Done to Deserve This?". Pet Shop Boys had contacted Springfield's manager to ask if Springfield would perform guest vocals on the duet. Being a fan of their work, Springfield accepted the offer and the song became a massive hit all over the world, peaking at No. 2 in both the UK and the United States, which proved to be the biggest hit of her career in the US. This renewed Springfield's confidence in recording, as well as interest in her work from the general public, and led to another hit single "Nothing Has Been Proved", also written by Pet Shop Boys with Springfield in mind. The song was written for the movie Scandal, an account of the so-called Profumo Affair of 1963, starring Joanne Whalley and John Hurt. "Nothing Has Been Proved" made the Top 20 in Britain, and led to yet another hit single, "In Private", which peaked at No. 14 on the British charts. Despite the fact that "In Private" never was commercially released in the US it managed to become a dance-floor hit in the States as well, peaking at No. 14 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart in early 1990. Both singles were included on Reputation, and Pet Shop Boys collaborated with Springfield on half the album's tracks, which made up side B of the original vinyl edition. Side A included tracks produced by the Pet Shop Boys' longtime collaborator Andy Richards, Swing Out Sister producer Paul Staveley O'Duffy and Dan Hartman. Three of these titles were also mixed by the Pet Shop Boys' co-producer Julian Mendelsohn. Critics gave Reputation very favourable reviews, saying it was a long overdue return to form for Springfield, and the album spawned two further single releases, the title track "Reputation" and the ballad "Arrested by You", written by Rupert Hine and Jeanette Obstoj.

Dan Hartman contributed to the production of three songs from the album; "Send It to Me," "Time Waits for No One" and "Born This Way". "Time Waits for No One" was written by Hartman and Holly Knight. He also played various instruments and provided backing vocals. In a 1990 interview with Springfield, she revealed "Certainly the record company wanted to keep it as much in this country as possible. They finally relented on Dan Hartman, but basically they wanted it to be as British as possible."[2] The three songs were produced at Hartman's own Multi Level Studios, located within his riverside home in Connecticut. Both Springfield and her close friend Helene Sellery stayed at his home during the sessions, which were reported to be slower than anticipated as Hartman was as fussy as Springfield about her vocals, and stopped and started her over and over again.[3]

The Reputation album was, in late 1990, followed by the video collection Reputation – The Videos, released on VHS in the UK and Europe by EMI's subsidiary Picture Music International, including the promo videos for "Nothing Has Been Proved", "In Private", "Reputation", "Arrested by You", interviews with Springfield, as well as a fifth animated promo video for the album track "I Want to Stay Here". Reputation – The Videos remains unreleased on DVD.

The Reputation album was first released in the US in 1997, then under the title Reputation and Rarities.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Reputation"   Brian Spence Andy Richards 4:13
2. "Send It To Me"   Allee Willis, Lauren Wood Dan Hartman 3:56
3. "Arrested by You"   Rupert Hine, Jeanette Obstoj Paul Staveley O'Duffy 4:10
4. "Time Waits for No One"   Holly Knight, Dan Hartman Dan Hartman 3:05
5. "Born This Way"   Geoffrey Williams, Simon Stirling Dan Hartman 3:49
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
6. "In Private"   Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Julian Mendelsohn 4:22
7. "Daydreaming"   Tennant, Lowe Tennant, Lowe, Mendelsohn 4:55
8. "Nothing Has Been Proved"   Tennant, Lowe Tennant, Lowe, Mendelsohn 4:42
9. "I Want to Stay Here"   Gerry Goffin, Carole King Tennant, Lowe, Mendelsohn 2:48
10. "Occupy Your Mind"   Tennant, Lowe Tennant, Lowe, Mendelsohn 6:51


  • Simon Bell – backing vocals trk: A1, A4,
  • Andy Caine – backing vocals trk: A1
  • Brian Spence – backing vocals trk: A1
  • Lance Ellington – backing vocals trk: A1
  • Andy Richards – keyboards trk: A1
  • Dan Hartman – all instruments except sax solo trk A2, all instruments, programming & backing vocals trk A4, additional overdubs & vocals trk A5
  • Crispin Cioe – saxophone solo trk A2
  • Claudia Fontaine – backing vocals trk A3
  • Paul Staveley O'Duffy – drum programming trk A3
  • Phil Palmer – guitar trk A3
  • Jean de Aguir – keyboards trk A3
  • Will Mowat – keyboards trk A3
  • Luis Jardim – percussion trk A3
  • Snake Davis – tenor saxophone, alto saxophone trk A3
  • Sylvia Mason-James – backing vocals trk A4
  • Geoffrey Williams – programming, vocal harmonies trk A5
  • Fonzi Thornton – backing vocals trk A5
  • Tawatha Agee – backing vocals trk A5
  • Vaneese Thomas – backing vocals trk A5
  • Jingles – bass guitar trk A5
  • Michael Graves – organ trk A5
  • Simon Stirling – programming trk A5
  • Carol Kenyon – backing vocals trk B1
  • Katie Kissoon – backing vocals trk B1
  • Gary Maughan – Fairlight programming & keyboards trk B1, Fairlight programming trk B3
  • Jay Henry – vocals trk B2
  • Neil Tennant – vocals trk B3
  • Angelo Badalamentiorchestral conductor trk B3
  • Courtney Pine – saxophone trk B3
  • Tessa Niles – backing vocals trk B4


  • Andy Richards – record producer trk A1
  • Peter Jones – sound engineer, mix trk A1
  • Paul Wright – assistant engineer trk A1, sound engineer trk B3
  • Michael Ade – mix assistant trk A1
  • Richard Arnold – mix assistant trk A1
  • Steve Fitzmaurice – mix assistant trk A1
  • Dan Hartman – producer trk A2, producer, arranger & mix trk A4, producer trk A5
  • Rico Conning – sound engineer trk A2, trk A4
  • Richard Arold – assistant engineer trk A2
  • Jeremy Wheatley – assistant engineer trk A2
  • Tom Lord-Alge – mix trk A2
  • Paul Staveley O'Duffy – producer & engineer trk A3
  • Holly Knight – arranger trk A4
  • Geoffrey Williams – arranger trk A5
  • Simon Stirling – arranger trk A5
  • Tim Hunt – sound engineer trk A5
  • Dave (O) Origin – mix trk A5
  • Pet Shop Boys – producers trks B1-B5
  • Julian Mendelsohn – producer trks B1-B5, sound engineer trk B1, mix trks A2, A3, A4
  • Danton Supple – assistant engineer trks B1, B2
  • Ren Swan – sound engineer trk B2
  • Angelo Badalamenti – orchestral arrangement trk B3
  • Dave Eden – assistant engineer trk B3
  • David Jacobs – assistant engineer trk B5
  • Track B3 recorded at Sarm West Studios, London, November 1988
  • Track B1 recorded at Sarm West, May 1989
  • Track B2, B4 & B5 recorded at Sarm West, between August and November 1989
  • Track A3 recorded at Mayfair Recording Studios (London), mixed by Julian Mendelsohn at Sarm West, between August and November 1989
  • Track A1 recorded at Townhouse Recording Studios and Sarm West (UK), late 1989/early 1990
  • Track A2 recorded at Townhouse Recording Studios and Sarm West (UK), additional recording at Multi-Level (US), mixed by Tom Lord-Alge at The Hit Factory (NY), late 1989/early 1990
  • Track A4 recorded at Multi-Level (US), Townhouse Recording Studios (UK), mixed by Julian Mendelsohn at Sarm West (UK), late 1989/early 1990
  • Track A5 recorded at Marcus Studios & Townhouse Recording Studios (UK), additional overdubs and vocals at Multi-Level (US), mixed by Dave (O) Origin at The Hit Factory, February 1990.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1990) Peak
German Albums Chart 21
Netherlands 59
Sweden 28
UK Albums Chart[4] 18


Hot 100
Dance/ Club
1989 "Nothing Has Been Proved" 16 52
1989 "In Private" 14 14 4
1990 "Reputation" 38 28
1990 "Arrested by You" 70
  • Official promo singles for "Born this Way" and "Daydreaming" were released to radio and clubs.


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