Request for any other privilege

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The motion of request for any other privilege is used when one wishes to, for instance, make a presentation when no motion is pending.

Explanation and Uses[edit]

Request for any other privilege (RONR)
Class Incidental motion
In order when another has the floor? Yes
Debatable? No
Amendable? No

Generally, this motion is handled by unanimous consent.[1] Demeter's Manual notes that requests for any unallowable purpose need unanimous consent, and a single objection defeats consent, unless the organization's laws or the assembly's usual practices allow otherwise. An example might be a request to have a nonmember address the body. Demeter notes further:[2]

To prevent delays which can arise out of such requests, but yet to give ear to meritorious ones, sagacious and alert members can rise and say: "Mr. Chairman, reserving the right to object, for what purpose does he want the floor," or "What will Mr. X discuss?" He is thus qualified to object if the purpose is not meritorious.


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